How to breast massage to introduce you to the three methods of female health network

side to push the breast: the first step, will wash the left palm on the cleavage position, then push to the side on the right side of the breast, until pushed to the armpit. The second step, with a finger to the breast back to the original position, repeat 50 times. The third step, the right side of the left side of the breast, repeat the above action can be 50 times.

how to massage the breast for women who want to massage the breast, it is necessary to try more effective massage method, so as to make the breast more healthy. The above is to introduce the three common methods of breast massage, both simple and effective, it is recommended that female friends choose one of them to massage the breast, and long-term adherence, the effect is more ideal.

hot compress massage specific practices are as follows: the first step, with a hot towel on both sides of the breast, about five minutes. The second step, remove the towel, and then use the palm massage around the breast, the direction from left to right, massage about 50 times.

1, push breast

how to massage the breast

to the breast massage, not only can make the breast become more healthy, but also make the breasts become more plump. Therefore, many female friends are more concerned about the correct method of breast massage. So, how to massage the breast? Next, we will introduce three common breast massage methods, for your reference only. Want to know how to massage the breast of a friend may wish to understand.

2, side push breast

hot compress massage

push the breast method is relatively simple, specific practices are as follows: the first step, the breasts and hands clean, dry. The second step, the right hand palm affixed to the left breast, and then from the top down close to the clavicle, evenly pushed down until the breast of the root, and then back in situ. This is repeated 50 times. The third step, for the other side to repeat the above action massage.


The following

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