Xining Local Taxation Bureau to carry out the stock room transaction price evaluation system

Xining Local Taxation Bureau to strengthen the application of real estate appraisal technology to strengthen the management of the housing stock transactions, at present, the stock of housing transaction valuation system has been applied in three counties of Xining.

Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau as a pilot unit of Qinghai Province Local Taxation Bureau, real estate appraisal technology application to strengthen Cunliangfangjiaoyi tax collection work ", according to the housing stock transaction price reporting assessment characteristics of professional and strong, the situation on the real estate in Xining city were analyzed, the localization of the Hangzhou edition approved valuation system. The evaluation experts hired by bidding real estate, high-quality completion of the development and regional division of technology standards, preliminary work standard of housing stock etc.. In order to ensure the formal operation of the system, in the four district and the acquisition of a total of three buildings in the housing information of the, through the screening of the standard stock room built 6899.


evaluation system on-line, better unified according to the real estate transaction tax, regulate the real estate market order, not only effectively eliminate the "Yin and yang contract, tax, tax, human relations blocked the tax collection loopholes, and eliminate the tax law enforcement risk induced by false trading.


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