Traffic police to promote the smooth flow of a number of measures to improve road traffic capacity

city traffic police detachment according to the requirements of the municipal government to promote the work of the smooth implementation of the project, take a number of measures to improve the road and the intersection traffic capacity, to alleviate traffic pressure, and the installation of road isolation facilities, by January 30th next year, and gradually achieve the separation of people and vehicles.

it is understood that the city traffic police detachment has entered the intersection 50 meters to 70 meters of the lane from 3.5 meters to 3.9 meters down to 2.8 meters to 3 meters, is two lanes to three lanes, three lanes to four lanes, to fully tap the road resources, improve the intersection traffic capacity. On the crosswalk intersection (crossing) and forward stop line to shorten the travel time of vehicles through the intersection, delimit the left turn vehicle waiting area at the intersection conditions, number of vehicles through the intersection to increase at the same time. For some sections of the re allocation of the driveway, the left, right, right lane according to the size of the traffic flow, set the mixed lane. Before entering the intersection 50 meters to 70 meters air distribution set the road signs, delimit the driving direction guiding arrow on the road, prompting the driver according to their direction of travel selected in advance and change lanes, reduce vehicle waiting time signal. In addition, the city traffic police detachment according to the traffic flow and traffic flow at the intersection to further optimize the signal lights, improve the intersection vehicle traffic, to avoid traffic jams intersection.

according to reports, the city traffic police detachment of the proposed 10 intersection traffic marking reconstruction work has been completed; to the bus line, one-way road, 71 Road Silk Road Xining hotel to provincial traffic section of the traffic signs design work has been completed, the near term can be installed in place. According to the work of the deployment of the first stage municipal government smooth engineering and the requirements of city leaders, set the installation work to complete the main road traffic sign before December 30th; to January 30th next year, completed 7 of the main road, and 2 road center green belt separation facilities, to solve the vehicle turn left, turn and jaywalking.


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