Wang Yubo research projects for the people to fulfill the promise of the people

July 31st, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal committee, deputy mayor of the investigation and inspection of private projects for the people of Han Jianhua. Wang Yubo stressed that adhere to people-oriented, people-oriented, to the people first, to promote the construction projects for the tangible things, and resolutely fulfill the objectives and tasks of provincial Party committee, the provincial government issued, ensure hundred-percent to honor the municipal government commitment to the people, do not live up to the city people’s trust.

2012 for the city to determine the practical projects of the top 10 categories of 47 practical things, investment of 3 billion. Currently, more than half of the time, the task is being vigorously promoted. The same day, safety facilities construction projects of the situation Wang Yubo looked at the eleventh middle school of Xining city school stressed that education is related to the overall situation, pay close attention to the people, focus on investment in education investment itself is the people’s livelihood, to since the pressure, continue to increase the educational investment, organization construction strength, to implement key projects for the tangible things, let the children in a better environment happy life, healthy growth.

in the Park Lane community day care center, Wang Yubo fully affirmed the work of the community. He pointed out that it is necessary to truly build the community so that people can trust, reliable, feel very useful. Wang Yubo stressed that doing things for the city in recent years, explored an effective carrier so that people get benefits, related to the credibility and execution of government at all levels of the party and the government to complete each round full of facts. Through every one thing, gradually enrich the connotation of people’s happy life.

in public rental housing construction projects sea bridge site area, Wang Yubo requirements, affordable housing projects, housing should adhere to the first, not only to meet the needs of the masses, but also to create fine works, while focusing on the comprehensive. Wang Yubo stressed that the current real time for the project has been more than half of the project, the various localities and departments to control the task objectives, inverted schedule, layers of refinement, the implementation of the responsibility to promote the construction of practical projects for the people.

the development of agriculture, the city in recent years, efforts to enhance the important carrier of agricultural intensification, scale and technology, but also increase the income of farmers, improve agricultural production capacity, to ensure that the city "food basket" is one of the important initiatives. After construction, Ba Lang village agriculture project Wang Yubo pointed out that the development space of facility agriculture, through the development of agriculture, solve the agricultural super docking; to encourage enterprises to participate in, bigger and stronger agricultural facilities; to develop innovative technologies, new insulation materials, shortage of land resources bottleneck breakthrough point to; identify the facilities agriculture and city leisure tourism, let farmers benefit, make people satisfied. (author: Sheng Nan)



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