Xining City a number of measures to ensure the smooth progress of primary and secondary schools

In September 1st, the Xining city schools, kindergarten school, in order to further safeguard the personal and property safety, to better safeguard the interests of students and parents, the Xining City Department of education has taken a number of measures, at present, the work in order.

it is understood that, in order to ensure the orderly work, Xining City Bureau of education timely arrangements for school work, and in conjunction with the relevant departments, the price of materials subject version, school order made a comprehensive review and approval. At present, the province issued a free student fees and increase public funds subsidies totaling 11 million 202 thousand yuan has been put in place, and by the Xining municipal government issued to each county. Xining financing 400 thousand yuan for the relevant units equipped with 2473 sets of desks and chairs. At the same time, Xining City Council office, price departments consisting of 4 inspection groups into the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to carry out inspection fees. In addition, supervision departments also increased supervision and inspection efforts around the campus Internet cafes, business management behavior specification. Traffic police departments to strengthen traffic grooming and advocacy efforts to ensure the safety of student travel. (author: Shen Haiyu)


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