The first line of the story they are Lake Race on the scene unicom

July Guide, no pear, no golden fruit, some, is Danshan water meandering dependent, pastoral scenery is cenglinjinran, is looking forward to the enthusiasm of the masses of all ethnic groups.

gold master is a member of the Guide power company national grid, as long as the "Lake race through Guide, you can see his shadow. As the field of electrical work of the participants, during which both the generator and the sprint stage, or hotel accommodation, work Paul electric gold master and his colleagues are all completed each scene seriously, because they understand that electrical work is important to the lake race this major international event.

"six in the morning, we came early to ensure electrical work site, the division began wiring, cable laying site. Completed the temporary generator wiring work, quickly completed the stage of power supply preparation work. Prior to this we have done a detailed plan, check the line, waiting for today’s arrival." Master Jin said.

"each device to check in place, to wiring more carefully, you don’t make mistakes, not because the errors affect the smooth running of the event."

"when you see the lake race finished, I will have a little pride because we conscientiously arise spontaneously, responsibility, race around the lake is also a force of our." Master Kim said with a smile.

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