Xining four fine blocks connecting a plateau modern city

train station in Xining city comprehensive traffic business district, the center of the ring Plaza and wells Lane Central Business District, Central Business District, sunning Plaza Lake District Central District — pearl is to build four big blocks such as boutique four bright, director of Xining City, a big step forward to the modern city of plateau.

Xining in the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau regional modernization of the central city, highlighting the focus, to create a bright spot, spare no effort to build four boutique blocks. Combined with the comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station, we will make every effort to build a comprehensive modern transportation business district which is composed of a variety of traffic distribution, comprehensive business development and urban landscape display. But the most bustling west gate, will become the center square, wells Lane central business district as the center of the waterfront park, set culture, business and leisure as one of the modern city waterfront public activities and the core of city public culture and leisure center, and commercial gas, gathered popularity, Choi gas public service center and modernization the core business district. To Xinning square as the center, by commercial lane, Xinning Road, West Main Street, 54 west road together to form a modern commercial district. The lake district will become commercial, business office, entertainment, business and exhibition, tourism reception, living six functions as the leading city center integrates various functions of the modern, intelligent, ecological and composite area.

the train station in Xining city comprehensive transportation business district renovation project is progressing smoothly, the train station building body has been built, the expansion of the South Square, North Plaza, the new bus station relocation and train station around the ring road network construction projects in progress; comprehensive renovation project in the North expansion Plaza demolition work has entered the final stage, the well lane central business district a demolition project has been fully completed, the two phase of the project is progressing smoothly; Xiang Jia Hao International Commercial Plaza, limeng finished tea horse road construction, department stores, Thailand kuniyoshi two, west of the city of Wangfujing stores have been completed and opened, the comprehensive renovation of sunning Plaza building up a library and Culture Museum, art museum and other cultural group construction planning and design has been in full swing, forming ring, sunning Plaza central business district; the lake district is located. Qinghai science and Technology Museum, the Qinghai Grand Theatre, the burning ditch landscape features such as Xining and another landmark buildings, a number of well-known brands at home and abroad will be stationed in the Sea Lake District, improve the new commercial areas. (author: Yuan Yuhong)

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