Today Xining will cool down the maximum temperature will drop 9 degrees C

January 5th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, the city will usher in a cooling snowfall process, the highest temperature in the urban area will fall by 9.

reporter learned that, in January 6th, the city has nearly half the fine weather will be cloudy or continuous cloudy instead, followed by the temperature began to decline, 6 city the highest temperature is 3 degrees centigrade, the lowest temperature of -14 DEG C. 7, the city will usher in light snow weather, the highest temperature in the city will be reduced from to -6 DEG C, cooling rate of up to 9 degrees C. The 8 day, the snow clears, the urban minimum temperature of -18 degrees, the minimum temperature of -20 degrees in three counties.

The weather station

, warm reminder, temperature drop in snow, for people to travel is very inconvenient, the traffic department shall prepare the road snow cleaning work in advance, the agricultural sector should make agricultural facilities cold work. In addition, the magnitude of the larger temperature, the public should pay attention to increase clothing warm. (author: Jin Huashan)


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