Xining thematic lectures results into action consciously

Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoduo stressed: "we have to seriously study, Luo Huining Secretary thematic lectures." At the same time, Wang Xiao to "dry in practice, at the forefront of the title about three strict three thematic lectures, leading cadres at all levels of the city thinking and action with the central and provincial policies and arrangements. Carry out the three strict three special education. In recent days, the city’s various units and departments of Party members and cadres set off a wave of learning boom! We have said that to understand the painstaking study of thoughts, understanding, grasp the essence, cogent the party education achievements into practice the three three real strict conscious thought and conscious action. To strictly from the real spirit, so that the ideological understanding should be strict, the rectification of the problem should be strict, strict rectification of the rectification, strict standards to promote in-depth, practical style to seek practical results. To do the work in the forefront of the spirit of writing a new chapter of prosperity and stability in Xining.

municipal organs: three strict three in action

the three strict three in action

in the study and discussion, we agreed to deeply understand the rich connotation of "three real", firmly grasp the spiritual essence, to be loyal to the party, people clean, dare to play ", and further enhance the practice the three three real strict ideological consciousness and conscious action, in truth, really understand, trust and use efforts, efforts will be three three real strict implementation of the work, in action.

three "and" general power conversion

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