Spring grass out of the mountains enjoyable

from the past inconvenient transportation, living in the mountains of poverty, the relocation of poor countries to benefit from the relocation of the project, immigrants to the main road traffic to the king of the mountain village farmers, and now more and more prosperous day.

January 26th, the reporter went to the town of Xining County, Huangzhong Wang village to go to the market, the market is crowded, Spring Festival couplets, firecrackers, vegetables and fruits, beef and mutton…… The goods are rich and varied, and everyone is preparing for the new year. Spring Festival couplets TanQian villagers Wang Yongping warmly and talking to reporters: "look at this market more lively! Can not think of the market can be so convenient to go out on the. Used to live in the mountains, go to the market to go 8 km mountain road, walking on an hour, holding a large bag, in order to go to the market to wear new clothes back home with the soil buried."

September 2012, Wang Yongping, where the king of the village to benefit from the relocation of poor relocation policy, moved into the production and living of the current full range of immigrant communities.

enthusiastic Uncle Wang invited us to see his new home, he walked on the road of new homes full of praise: "there is nothing we square, we go to play cards, the sun, talk about the new family circle gives us the change. We all feel in the neat rows of brick houses that enjoy the blessing, you can never know how hard it is to live in the building, summer winter leaks, leak, it will stay in the house froze around last year."

went to the king uncle home, few big built yard is very magnificent, inside a huge oven burning hot, pour tea, is to prepare for the New Year cake, Wang Dashu talks about a year in the life of the contrast: "when in the mountains, the first is difficult to walk the road cause, doctor, school, work and other difficult. Move to new premises soon, I found a living in Ganhetan Industrial Park, high stable wages, home to take a bus to spend money, and weekends!

before a young married woman who can only do a slack at home, now also working in the daughter-in-law around the nursery, close to home and home cooking work is not delayed, a year two people can earn tens of thousands of small."

village, the Secretary of the new round of the home, the face is always hanging a smile: now what is convenient, the dolls are to go to school, as well as school bus shuttle. Used to live in the mountains, the boys can not marry a daughter-in-law. Move down more than a year, the size of all the sons and daughters married, this is the biggest change ah. Now together, the village organization of cultural activities is also convenient, usually organize people to watch a movie in the square, "women’s Day" a fun games, "the old festival" organized the elderly to go outing, which are not in the previous. There are folk art performances new village, a few days you have to look at the ah, our village looks very fire miles."

‘s feeling, cement, brick and other improved material conditions is certainly gratifying, but for the immigrants, the biggest change is probably the "concept" — the previous year for which satisfied, now, they have higher spiritual and cultural needs of life;

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