Xining 12 home science research and nnovation Base Joint University

December 27th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission, Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other departments understand that in order to enhance the capability of independent innovation, Xining identified and named Jinhe Tibetan medicine Limited by Share Ltd, Qinghai Kang biological Polytron Technologies Inc, Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpets (Group) Limited company and other 12 enterprises as the first batch of research and innovation base of enterprises, these enterprises will jointly combining with major universities in the province, with the production and research of three in one mode of cooperation, and constantly improve the technological content of the enterprise.

at present, these enterprises have begun to cooperate with the relevant departments of colleges and universities in the province, and carry out research on some major issues. It is reported that the next three years, Xining will be in the new energy, medicine, special biological resources development, equipment manufacturing, Tibetan carpet, non-ferrous metals, agricultural and livestock products processing, electronic information materials industry in the establishment of a number of research and innovation base, to achieve sales revenue of backbone enterprise research and innovation base doubled and patent results the registration amount of the target of doubling. At the same time, the production oriented construction research and innovation base to enterprises as the mainstay, give full play to the advantages of integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes, enterprises, universities and research institutions in the effective combination of strategic level, to carry out joint research, technology to break the bottleneck of industrial development, promote the formation of Xining City, the advantages of industrial chain the extension and development, form the core competitiveness of the industry.

for running well, and has outstanding economic and social development of the research and innovation base, Xining will give priority to its annual reporting of science and technology projects and key support. At the same time through the innovation of system, to standardize and improve the construction of research and innovation base, a large number of scientific and technological achievements attracted to the implementation of Xining city industrialization, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, nurture high-tech enterprises, the formation of a number of competitive brands, gather and train a group of high-level innovative talents, making technology the main innovation of enterprises in Xining city position has been strengthened, the ability of product development and technical level improved significantly. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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