Transport department for many measures to escort candidates

With the annual college entrance examination approaching, how convenient and rapid arrival of the examination room has become the majority of candidates, parents are most concerned about things. In order to ensure that the city to participate in the college entrance examination, candidates in the exam can be safe and smooth reference, the City Transportation Bureau will take a number of measures during the high school entrance examination for high, escort.

is high during the senior high school entrance examination of city traffic bureau from the two bus and taxi to improve the quality of service to the majority of candidates to provide a warm, quiet review, test environment and fast, comfortable and safe ride condition.

– bus: reasonable allocation of capacity, reserve 100 bus emergency capacity, emergency security work; bus through the examination room will be from the electronic newspaper stand to the oral stops when the vehicle stops, will also slow down in advance, reduce the brake noise; during the high senior high school entrance examination for a candidate to provide convenient services, all bus drivers to forget to carry IC card candidates with ticket free ride.

– Taxi: city traffic bureau yunguanchu staff will be in the high, senior high school entrance examination period, 500 taxi in love to send test activities, then all love to send test marks of candidates can be free of charge by taxi.  

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