Xining police cracked the case of hundreds of millions of dollars to recover Kunlun jade

October 4th, Xining police cracked a large robbery, to recover the value of one million yuan of Kunlun jade, 5 suspects arrested.

October 2nd 14 PM, Xining city police received a report, more than 10 gunmen broke into the road of mutual xuezhou Sanrong group in the warehouse, the 4 staff on duty bound, and tape Fengzui, after taking the value of 1 million yuan of Kunlun jade. East police in Xining City Public Security Bureau with the rapid investigation, after more than and 10 hours of work, at 0:00 on October 4th Xu, the suspect Yang was arrested by the police. According to Yang confessed, the police have arrested Ma, smelting and other 4 people.

police initially identified the suspect in Golmud, a man with a chat, inadvertently talking about their relatives in Xining, a large number of Kunlun jade deposit. After hearing the suspect Ma, get together to get together to get these pieces of Kunlun jade made a sum of money. The two men returned to Xining, Ma Yang find friends, 3 times to store the jade warehouse check. October 2nd, the 3 prepared tape, knives, guns and other tools of simulation, but also contacted more than 10 social idlers, at about 14 am broke into the factory warehouse, stole about 1 tons of Kunlun jade fled.

at present, led by Ma 5 major suspects have been under criminal detention, the police are fully involved in the hunt for the rest of the staff.


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