Wang Jianjun in Golog emphasized research focus on the implementation of the central and provincial

from May 9th to 11, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Jianjun Gunther depth Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Maqin County, conducted in-depth research on the construction of the party, poverty alleviation, to create national unity and progress etc.. He stressed that we should focus on the central and provincial governments to implement major decisions and arrangements, to promote economic and social development in guoluo.

May in Guoluo prairie, ice and snow began to melt, grass just fanqing. Wang Jianjun has come to Raja Zhen Qu Maqing County wow Gaza village, Gande County Township, Qingzhen, Gong Ke Qu Zhen Ma Xiang Jin Cun earl, visit the grassroots cadres and the masses, village cadres and first secretary". Each to a place, Wang Jianjun and all of us to pull the home, asked in detail, "two learn to do" to learn what? Ready to do? "Eight batch" how to promote each batch? He pointed out that, to lay a solid foundation for "learning", "do" grasp the key, to carry out the "two a" study and education, build a strong grassroots organization, build team members. To adhere to the people-oriented, due to the user’s needs, the implementation of poverty alleviation special action. To carry out the "five star civilized households" to create activities to guide the masses in the development of production while establishing a civilized new wind, to develop a healthy lifestyle.

on the shore of the Yellow River, Raja Town, Wang Jianjun after listening to the briefing pointed out that the urban construction, should be based on the local landscape Hayashida and other resources, scientific planning and construction of small towns, the town and the natural environment,. In modern agricultural demonstration county in the greenhouse, cucumber, tomatoes and other vegetables gratifying. Wang Jianjun asked the local Party committee and government to develop the characteristics of the industry and the combination of precise poverty alleviation, steady increase in income of farmers and herdsmen, and promote poverty alleviation.

Wang Jianjun also came to Dawu town Maqing County Road south of the Yellow River community, Gande county national secondary school, in-depth business hall and student dormitory, canteen, unity and progress to create national research work. He stressed that not only to do a good job of ideological education guidance, but also to carry out a variety of practical activities to enhance the level and level of national unity and progress to create.

The new airport will

Golog navigation in July, an important part of the southwest national flower big channel long highway will also be opened in August. Wang Jianjun visited the construction project, and requested the relevant departments to seriously implement the provincial government issued "on accelerating economic and social development Guoluo opinions", boost the Golog economic and social development to a new level.


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