Support the construction of Xining’s pension service system

attended the two session of the National People’s Congress, the National People’s Congress, Wang Yubo, suggested that the state of Xining to provide support for the construction of social pension service system in.

Wang Yubo believes that China has entered the aging society in advance. Due to the underdevelopment of the western region, the old-age security system is not perfect, the pension problem is more prominent. Qinghai City, Xining Province, for example, the city’s total population of 2 million 228 thousand people, of which more than 60 years old people aged more than 281 thousand people, more than 65 years of age and older people, accounting for 12.6% of the total population and 9.6%. In accordance with international standards, has entered the aging society. Compared with other provinces and cities pension socialization, the aging of Xining also presents a "input" pension services, as well as the pressure of the elderly, the elderly, empty nesters, the proportion of poor elderly high. At present, there are 50 thousand and 580 disabled elderly people in Xining, senior citizens of the elderly, the elderly, empty nest elderly population of 143 thousand and 300 people, poor and low-income elderly people in the population of 33 thousand and 700 people in the city of.

Wang Yubo believes that in recent years, Xining attaches great importance to and give priority to the development of social welfare and pension services to the elderly, the elderly set up more than 70 years of age allowance system, urban and rural construction of various types of pension institutions 23, the design of more than 3900 beds, the elderly pension agency has a proportion of 14 per thousand beds, community service facilities covering the rate reached 60%, the initial formation of the home-based, community-based, organization for the support system of social services. However, facing the grim situation of the aging process, demand and economic life care, rehabilitation care, spiritual and cultural endowment service the growing elderly underdeveloped contradictions are intensified, relying on their own efforts, is still insufficient.

Wang Yubo said, in order to make the western underdeveloped region of the old people share the fruits of reform and development, to enjoy life, build and adapt the population aging process, consistent with the level of economic and social development, home-based, community-based, institutional support for the pension service system, with characteristic of Chinese and Western characteristics moderately inclusive advice: the introduction of a series of policy support from the national level to support the development of pension business underdeveloped regions of Western china.


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