Relevant departments to inspect the Xining part of the demolition construction sites and residentia

low dormitory roof, dark light, poor ventilation, poor sanitation, lack of facilities for the prevention and control of the canteen canteen dust……" These problems are widespread in Xining city construction site. Do Chuangwei work for at all levels of supervision units and construction units in May 17th, the Xining municipal government and Xining City Construction Bureau and other relevant departments to check the Xining city demolition, construction sites and residential property.

inspection group first came to Golmud railway demolition site, transport construction and engineering consultation of construction waste. Through the coordination of the leadership in Xining, said the construction sector, in ten days will leave the demolition along the railway construction waste removal all out. Xining city construction department responsible person immediately said, in the process of removal of construction waste in government, urban management and other departments will actively coordinate and cooperate, we work together, never let the building trash hauling down town.

subsequently, the inspection team went to the Chaoyang village construction site, Second People’s Hospital of Xining City, Liu Zhai village construction site construction site and the construction site of Richpower estate. Every one, the inspection team carefully check whether the site of the ground hardening, material piled neatly, whether the health status of the dormitory area, etc.. In 4 the construction site inspection, in addition to limeng estate construction site basic standards, the other 3 sites have problems. Inspection team immediately asked the construction sector to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the construction, demolition sites in Xining, not to be rectified immediately.


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