Huangyuan city continue to carry out rural village two medical institutions ten technical and grad

recently, Huangyuan County Health Bureau organized ten Technical Services Steering Committee of the county’s 10 township hospitals and village clinics ten technical services and accreditation activities were carried out supervision and inspection, the existing problems and weak links, and puts forward some suggestions on rectification. According to the actual problems of township and village two medical staff professional level is not high, arrange timely 10 township hospital staff and 60 rural doctors to the county hospital training learning, to improve the rural two professional and technical personnel’s business level. At the same time, the county will also "Ten Rules" and "technical service level compliance assessment rules" quantitative indicators, the layers of decomposition, the responsibility to the people, to establish and improve various rules and regulations and work responsibilities, and also strengthen the construction of software in strengthening the hardware construction at the same time.


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