n the old Burma to complete the Mekong joint law enforcement

you must have heard about the Mekong River movie in 2016? At that time, Xiao Bian also deeply attracted by Zhang Hanyu’s performance in the film, but also have a deep respect for China’s anti drug police. Recently, the old Burma and Thailand law enforcement department successfully completed the fifty-fourth Mekong joint patrol enforcement action, and effectively maintain the Mekong River shipping safety.

It is reported that

, the action of four in Chinese Xishuangbanna, Laos, and Burma Meng Mo fruit class is taken across the board and section, million collapse point and random combination of common service operations, which lasted 4 days and 3 nights, total 615 kilometers, 35 hours of sailing. During the service, four law enforcement officers in Golden Triangle and Laos are fruit, Meng Mo and other key class waters to conduct joint public inspection, joint visits, publicity and other activities, inspection of all vessels 3, more than 160 tons of cargo, a strong deterrent and combat the Mekong basin involved in terrorism, smuggling, drug trafficking, trafficking, trafficking cross border crimes.

also sent a team of four law enforcement fleet of merchant and coastal masses visited recently, a detailed understanding of the Mekong River shipping, security situation, the safety of navigation and so on, listen to opinions and suggestions, visited a total crew and along the masses 12 people, granting police contact cards of four 22. Four law enforcement officers also communicate law enforcement boats manipulation and the Mekong waterway hydrology information, promote the international law enforcement officers ship operating capabilities continue to improve.

since the four joint law enforcement has been effective against all drug action, let the people’s life and property is ensured, reduce the drug into domestic, for people to create a healthy environment. In this operation, the four law enforcement agencies have jointly launched a joint patrol enforcement action 54 times, using a total of 386 law enforcement boats, law enforcement officers, a total of 8430 hours, total flight time of 1804 hours, a total range of more than 2.66 km.

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