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2 changes in eating habits: eat less fried, high calorie, high fat food; eat spicy food; eat iodine rich kelp and other seafood such as seaweed, vegetables, fruits, beans, mushrooms, fungus and whole grains.

summer is also the beauty of women show beautiful style of the season, but because some women do not pay attention to breast health causing breast hyperplasia; there are some women taking hormone containing drugs to promote breast development and implement breast augmentation surgery, so breast hyperplasia, inflammation, and even cause cancer. All of these problems have added to the summer.

hyperplasia of mammary glands is a kind of benign breast dysplasia, which is a kind of non inflammatory and non neoplastic disease caused by endocrine disorders. It is more common in women aged 25-40 years old.

4 reduces estrogen in the body: exercise, consume too much fat, prevent obesity, protect the liver, and strengthen the liver’s destruction of excess estrogen.

mainly for breast tingling, pain, sometimes to the armpit or shoulder girdle, often associated with the menstrual cycle, but also the performance and no relationship between irregular menstrual pain, irregular breast palpable nodules, tenacious or moderately hard, the boundary is not clear, but activity. A few patients may be associated with a small amount of nipple discharge, liquid is light yellow transparent liquid or white liquid.

in daily life to avoid or reduce the negative factors of breast hyperplasia is also very important. Special tips for prevention of breast hyperplasia through the following aspects:

1 maintain a good attitude: less angry, less angry, maintain emotional stability.

6 others: avoid multiple abortions;

as a chronic disease, breast hyperplasia in drug treatment, whether western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine is through the regulation of endocrine disorders to reduce symptoms of breast hyperplasia. Because breast hyperplasia treatment is long, so patients should be relatively stable for a period of time in his trust in the hospital or specialist, do not frequent replacement, so doctors do not know the full condition and double check and make incorrect handling. Do not give up the original treatment because of a lack of obvious results, and start a new treatment.

5 control estrogen intake: prohibit the abuse of contraceptive drugs and beauty products containing estrogen; eat less feed (containing hormones) of poultry, aquatic products feeding; health care products containing estrogen use; using hormone replacement therapy to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

3 to maintain good habits, patterns of life, work and rest, do not stay up late; maintain harmonious sexual life, can regulate endocrine disorders; maintain defecate unobstructed can reduce breast pain.

with a doctor to formulate appropriate therapy and observe changes in their condition, the doctor at any time and exchange their feelings after treatment, learn self check method for the treatment of intermittent period, identify problems and timely treatment, 3-6 months after treatment to the doctor for a check-up, when necessary clinical examination instrument.

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