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"food and beverage industry porridge brand feel good, would like to open a shop of their own porridge, but so many stores do not know what brand shop?" This is a lot of investment will have a lot of problems. Here Xiaobian for you to sum up the food and beverage industry to do a good porridge shop brand, I hope you can help.

porridge porridge porridge woman

porridge porridge is a famous porridge shop from the depths of Guangdong. Qianlong was founded in Chaozhou countryside. In the "eat in Guangdong" and "food" is still under the background of promoting the integration of the north south, taste, the bold innovation of the traditional congee, after a hundred years to build, Guangdong catering industry become a generation of "health chef". Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan has been popular in Europe and the United States, Southeast Asian countries, known as the porridge porridge to eat Guangdong". In 2000, Jiahe group will be "public congee porridge woman" into the unit, using the company’s marketing experience and the Chinese Institute of food technology strong technical strength, mining depth adjustment "public congee porridge woman" internal resources and food dishes, and added with powder, surface dishes congee, make food more abundant types, after 2 years of time, finally construct the perfect "public congee porridge woman" chain system.

macro champion

macro champion is a well-known chain of Beijing porridge shop, it makes the taste of all kinds of porridge taste full, want to drink what porridge basically can be found in the porridge shop. Macro champion porridge shop is also a rich variety of snacks, the production of sophisticated, point a few snacks on a bowl of porridge, not only delicious but also very healthy. Hongzhuangyuan dishes can be done, the staple dish full of components.

fan levy steamed stuffed bun


syndrome combined with traditional levain baking method of steamed stuffed bun, adding their own unique formula, and surface current, surface quality flexible and elastic, pale white and shiny! Save up baking time, improve work efficiency. Professor and yeast, semi Famian choke, Tangmian, baking unleavened dough method. Fan sign buns were CCTV news channel, Shandong TV, Ji’nan news channel, QiLu TV, Shandong daily, Ji’nan times, Shandong life, Qilu Evening News and other media coverage has great influence on the market in the society.


Ding Taifeng (Din Tai Fung) the world-renowned Taiwan dumplings shop, was founded in Taiwan in 1972, decades, it came from the creation of the brand to the glorious course of vigorous development, in Japan, the United States, Hongkong, Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places China have opened a branch. The steamed stuffed bun franchise good? In 1993 the United States New York Times named the restaurant chain, one of the world’s ten delicacy restaurant, which has become a traditional Chinese delicacy > in Taiwan

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