Trade and ndustry Bureau issued twenty measures to support the big support small education enterpri

  in accordance with the provincial government to promote the "four development", the implementation of "support activities" strategic decision-making requirements, Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsibilities and tasks according to the actual development of the province’s various types of market players and the industry and commerce administration, introduced the following "support activities to support the development of small enterprises and has good development the main views of the prospects of the market. Opinions put forward twenty specific measures:

first, relax the registered capital in place for the period and the way of investment, support enterprises to increase capital. As long as the initial contribution of not less than 20% of the newly registered capital, allowing the remaining part of the full payment within 2 years. At the same time, relaxation of investment way, allowing the investor to trademark right, patent right, trade name right, copyright and other intellectual property rights, non patented technology and other intangible assets assessment identified by the specialized agencies after investment, and allow the intangible assets investment accounted for 70% of the registered capital of the company.

two, the name of the administrative division to limit restrictions to support the scale of enterprises to enhance visibility. Allow the registered capital of not less than 50 million yuan of enterprises to apply for the name of the administrative division of the crown, and to assist enterprises to declare the name of the State Administration for Industry and commerce is not the name of the crown. This year, up through the investigation identified 5 to 10 family support activities recorded name enterprises, special title to the State Administration of coordination and cancel the enterprise administrative divisions, support enterprises to expand visibility.

three, relax restrictions on the approval of the name of the enterprise to support the expansion of the company’s name in the description of the characteristics of the industry. The registered capital of 30 million yuan, the enterprise economic activities belong to the national economy industries more than 3 categories, with the same registration authority the company name is not the same enterprise, allow enterprises in the name of "industrial" or "industrial" express enterprises engaged in the industry.

four, relax the conditions for approval of enterprise groups to support the formation of enterprise groups. The total registered capital allows the parent company with registered capital of RMB 10 million, with more than 3 subsidiaries, the parent company and the subsidiary company reached 20 million yuan of enterprises set up enterprise groups, the parent company can apply for name with the word of "group", to promote the merger and reorganization of enterprises, large-scale and group development.

five, relaxed listing access conditions to support the scale of listed companies. Vigorously support the establishment of 3 years, 3 consecutive years of profit and no major violations of the company within 3 years, to declare the shares of listed companies, and actively guide enterprises to apply for registration materials, help enterprises to do the preparatory work for listing. This year intends to determine one or two Limited by Share Ltd to give priority to support, carefully regulate the registration of the relevant materials, and strive to help enterprises to complete the preparation of listed materials before the end of the year.

six, relax the scope of business approved to support the early construction of enterprises. The business scope involves pre-approval of the project, and the name contains the pre-approval of the project enterprise, allow the use of the name, business scope approved "XXX project", pending the completion, and then clear the scope of business, the registration of changes, to provide convenient conditions for the development of enterprises. <;

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