Xining forestry bureau Party members to learn Hu Jintao 71 important speech

recently, the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau organized all Party members to seriously study the important speech of general secretary Hu Jintao at the celebration of the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of china.

we believe that the general secretary Hu Jintao’s important speech, further summarizes the valuable experience of our party and the glorious history of 90 years, to adapt to the new situation and new tasks for us, comprehensively promote the construction of the party, has great significance. We said that we should learn to understand the results of the speech of general secretary Hu Jintao to implement the actual work, spirit, solid work, and promote the sound and rapid development of urban and rural greening.

Forestry Bureau of Xining City,

also organized the backbone of the Business Council units participated in the study and implement the general secretary Hu Jintao important speech will report 71". Various units of the Party branch to convene a forum, writing experience and other ways to learn the general secretary 71 important speech.


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