Xining political and legal system to carry out loyalty education activities

Xining Municipal Committee according to the city to carry out "Loyalty Education" activities within the overall planning requirements, strong quality, image, cultivate and establish the spirit of political cadres hold high the banner of loyalty for the soul, service oriented, the pursuit of philosophy ", decided to make qualified loyal guards of the theme of educational practice in the city to carry out law enforcement the system, in order to achieve the" four increase".


campaign begins in mid March and ends in late June. The main contents are: learning organization members focus on learning "China", "the constitution of the Communist Party of China Communist Party members and leading cadres in politics several criteria", "civil law", "administrative licensing law", "reading" and the socialist concept of rule of law and discipline regulations and state laws; in the fourth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee seventeen, learning the five plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the provincial Party committee the eleven session of the seven Committee, twelve session of the eight plenary session of the spirit.

By learning to

so that the majority of Party members and cadres of political education in the study, the education in ideals and faith, enhance political awareness, overall awareness and sense of responsibility, and lay a solid ideological foundation of their duties of loyalty, conscientious.

the form of the study are: focus on learning and personal learning combined leadership, expert guidance, veteran cadres, outstanding Party members for special reports; discussion, exchange of experience and other forms. Around the "loyal guards be qualified to carry out the theme of educational practice, combined with the party members and cadres ideological and practical work, through seminars, essay contest, speech contest and relive the party oath, warning education and other forms of activities, expanding activities, enhance the activity effect. Check to see if the party spirit, steadfast, loyal to the party; check to see whether the conduct, fair and honest and selfless dedication; check the purpose, to see whether the heart of the masses, law enforcement for the people; check to see whether the style, dedication, truth-seeking and pragmatic; quality check, to see whether the hard working and innovation; discipline, whether strict with oneself clean and honest. Through the six check to see six, effectively identify the gaps and deficiencies in the performance of obligations, the exercise of rights, to play a leading role model, etc..


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