Summary is not the end

October 15th, the city’s party’s mass line educational practice summary conference held. Provincial Party Secretary, party secretary Wang Jianjun attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that the summary is not the end, the ending is not ending, style building is always on the road, the mass line must adhere to long-term. We want to follow the central and provincial deployment requirements, adhere to the strict control of the party from the party, the style of construction One principle runs through it all. catch down, strength with the results of educational practice, unity of thinking, and make greater contribution to the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness. Provincial first steering group leader Liu Xiao attended the meeting and delivered a speech, deputy secretary, mayor Wang Yubo attended the meeting, deputy secretary of the municipal Party Committee presided over the meeting of the. Wang Jianjun pointed out that the party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres to study and implement the central and provincial summary conference spirit, especially the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech as a major political task, the current exactly, word for word and sentence for sentence in an effort to grasp the essence of science, efforts, efforts in the transformation of the subjective world, in practice efforts to arm our minds, to better guide the work, to promote the practice of. Wang Jianjun pointed out that, after the first batch of educational practice started, we follow the central and provincial requirements, do not wait for do not wait, while studying the rectification, advance planning scheme, design activity carrier, fully prepared. Since the official activities carried out, we take the iron grip marks, stepping stone to stay in India’s spirit, to create a good atmosphere of learning, diligent attention and be good at learning, do to learn and promote change to knowledge promotion; focus on four winds revealing problems, listen to the views of all parties, carry out criticism and self-criticism so while the investigation and reform, enact legislation to change; long-term mechanism to establish effective and pragmatic, according to the system with the right to use the system of tubes, according to the law, be distributed in law in simple things. The change of cadres is the most authentic answer, the evaluation of the masses is the most powerful proof. Party members and cadres generally reflect the educational practice, writing a new chapter in the party’s mass line, opened a new journey of the party’s mass line. Wang Jianjun stressed that to continuously consolidate and expand the achievements of educational practice, consolidate and expand the firm ideals and beliefs, close party, serious party political life, remediation four winds, solving the salient issues and improve the style construction of long-term mechanism and rigid constraints results. Wang Jianjun stressed that educational practice is the unity of knowledge and practice activities, has accumulated valuable experience for us to strengthen and improve the style of building, provide important inspiration. "Knowledge" is mainly reflected in the changing style of work must take the firm ideal faith switch, hold the leading cadres to take the lead in this pivotal demonstration, make good use of this sharp weapon of criticism and self-criticism, solve the problem of the prominent effective methods and explore the broad participation of the masses the power source of five important enlightenment; the "line" is mainly reflected in the really tough action, efforts to solve the four winds outstanding problems, the initiative as, to solve the problems of the vital interests of the masses, overcome difficulties, efforts to solve contact service people "last mile" problem in three aspects of solid rectification. On how to create a new situation of strict party discipline, Wang Jianjun put forward five requirements. One must think highly of;

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