Xining public security organization to carry out all kinds of audio and video products confiscated p

April 30th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau organized the activities of audio-visual products confiscated all kinds of murder and violence, publicize pornographic, vulgar culture, feudal superstition and pseudo science content.

Xining city to further purify the social and cultural environment, maintaining the security of ideology, to crack down on pornography, gambling, drugs and other social evils, Xining City Public Security Department of the electronic computer market victory road and other places, the activities of publication market, audio-video products store, retail vendor newspapers and computer city, the electronic market, the the campus surrounding shops, kiosks, surrounding the station to conduct a comprehensive inventory, to crack down on the printing and distribution of illegal political publications and obscene publications, criminal acts, to create a good cultural atmosphere. At the same time, the security problems of the campus surrounding environment, such as tiger Taiwan primary school and kindergarten.


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