The construction of the national grassland ecological animal husbandry experimental area

May 17th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, in our province this year in 30 counties of 6 pastoral state, the selection of the 100 cooperatives 9 key demonstration counties nationwide pilot pilot area of grassland ecological animal husbandry, focusing on promoting the test area of 6 pilot tasks and 20 mechanism system innovation. At present state, county and village pilot according to the "overall planning" of Qinghai province national grassland ecological animal husbandry test area to promote the work of stereo.

is reported that in June 2014, the Ministry of agriculture will formally set up in Qinghai as the national grassland ecological animal husbandry test area, becoming the country’s first grassland ecological animal husbandry test area. In January this year, the Ministry of agriculture officially approved the establishment of our province submitted by the "Qinghai province national grassland ecological animal husbandry test area overall planning" requirements, our province from 2015 to 2020, with 6 years of time to test area as a platform to explore a set of suitable for the promotion of national pastoral new mode and new mechanism, new experience and a new path, to provide reference for the sustainable development of grassland animal husbandry in china.

The construction of

national grassland ecological animal husbandry test area, will focus on the exploration and innovation of grassland ecological protection, establish agriculture and animal husbandry, to explore the construction of main business intensive grassland ecological animal husbandry management, establish and perfect service linkage, diversification of livestock industry development of 6 innovative mechanism, every two years for a stage, respectively according to the three phase of the pilot innovation, demonstration and comprehensive promotion step by step.

to 2020, grassland protection and utilization mechanism of Experimental Zone will establish a comprehensive protection and construction, combined with the protection and development of harmony; grassland ecological environment improved; grassland production capacity has been effectively restored; comprehensive production and management mechanism of grassland ecological animal husbandry high degree of organization, scale management ability, high level of industrialization, infrastructure complete and perfect, the distinctive characteristics of the plateau, the formation of a number of comprehensive national grassland animal husbandry for transformation and upgrading and construction experience can be replicated.


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