More than 370 first secretary centralized charging

In order to further improve the poverty alleviation in the village first Secretary of the work ability, strengthen the responsibility consciousness, make them more clear goals and more correct attitude, more pragmatic initiatives into the poverty alleviation work, January 11th, I, first Secretary of the precise poverty alleviation training classes.

appointed first Secretary (Village) and the poverty alleviation work team, is thoroughly implement the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the nine provincial and municipal thirteen plenary session of the eleven, major initiatives to accelerate the pace of overall poor villages out of poverty, is to consolidate and expand the party’s mass line of educational practice, practice the three strict three vivid practice requirements. It is an important way to train and exercise inspection to identify cadres at the grass-roots. Last September, in October, the city has two times the city’s first Secretary of the system training. According to the central and provincial Party deployment, current on the poverty alleviation work needs further improvement, to further expand the scope, especially proposes "a group of eight" project, the need to further improve the poverty alleviation village first Secretary of the poverty alleviation work ability, develop ideas, innovative methods of work, do a good job in our city of precise poverty alleviation.

the training was divided into two classes, one is the first Secretary of the poverty alleviation ability development training, a total of 50 selected poverty village first Secretary of Bijie city to Guizhou to attend a 5 day training in Bijie City, the main study work on the successful experience of poverty alleviation precise and advanced practices, such as the development of e-commerce in rural areas of Bijie city with the achievements of the pilot area of Bijie scientific development road. The other is a training courses to enhance the first Secretary of the poverty alleviation ability, a total of 321 poor village first Secretary of municipal Party in two phases in rotation. Mainly to carry out the management of poverty alleviation funds, national poverty alleviation policy oriented analysis, rural preaching skills, poverty alleviation policy analysis, rural tourism poverty alleviation, education and other aspects of poverty alleviation.


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