Let consumers eat safe grain and oil industry and Commerce Bureau of Xining City Branch sampling gra

food in order to purify the market environment, to crack down on the sale of substandard grain behavior, guarantee consumer safety, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, recently, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Renjie East Branch of grain and oil wholesale market for industrial and commercial area part of dealers selling flour, rice quality sampling, sampling results of 5 kinds of flour and rice quality qualified.

sampling inspection commissioned by the unit: Qinghai grain and oil quality supervision and management of

is testing problems of flour, rice brand in May 25, 2007 by the Henan Shangqiu Vientiane flour factory production "Vientiane" brand flour production by May 30, 2007; Shandong city Jining Lu Feng flour factory "Pegasus" brand flour; May 20, 2007 produced by Heilongjiang Fushun county "Wusu town" brand of rice production in May 20, 2007 by the Henan Xinxiang; Fengqiu City Zhongtian flour Co. Ltd. "central" brand flour; in March 30, 2007 by the Heilongjiang County of Qing’an province Baofeng rice production of "rice king" brand of rice. The main unqualified items and relevant data: "Vientiane" brand flour does not meet the quality standards of wheat first class. The inspection items in a "precision" does not conform to the standard; the "Pegasus" brand flour seized items in a "benzoyl peroxide" does not comply with the hygiene standards of food additives; "Wusu town" brand of rice seized items "water" and "color" and "smell and taste", "yellow rice" three does not accord with a standard, not edible; "central" brand flour seized items in "metal", "two benzoyl peroxide" does not accord with a standard, not edible; "rice king" brand of rice seized items "color, smell and taste", "yellow rice" two do not meet the criteria not to eat.

benzoyl peroxide (whitening agent), the national standard is less than or equal to 0.06g/kg, once more than the national standard, it is harmful to human. Because the accumulation of human body to a certain extent, it will seriously damage the liver function, resulting in chronic benzene poisoning, while reducing the body’s absorption of vitamins.

moisture content of wheat flour products will exceed the shelf life, may be within the prescribed period of deterioration.

Xining City, the East Branch of

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Renjie of grain and oil wholesale business that has been the test results accurately advise flour manufacturers, requiring manufacturers to strengthen process management, effective control of unstable factors, strict product quality. Engaged in sales of these five kinds of substandard brands of flour and rice operators have been punished according to law.

in view of the above situation, the business sector to remind consumers: when you go to the mall to buy flour, rice, should be careful to select and purchase; when you accidentally buy substandard oil to the industrial and commercial department. (author: Li Yuexiu)


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