74 million protection of the Ming Dynasty ruins of the Great Wall

Qinghai is an important military region in Northwest China. There are still a large number of ancient military defense facilities in our province, which is an important part of the Great Wall. Reporter in April 23rd from the Bureau of cultural relic management was informed that in order to strengthen the protection of these cultural relics, the number of years in our province has 74 million yuan of funds for the protection of the territory, only more than 360 km from the the Great Wall and other ancillary facilities for emergency reinforcement.
the territory of the province of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty in a body of walls and ditches, according to historical records, was built in the Ming Shizong Jiajing twenty-five years (1546) to the twenty-four year of Wanli (1596), which lasted 50 years. The Great Wall resources are mainly distributed in Xining, Ledu, mutual aid, chase and other 10 cities and counties in the Great Wall, line length of 331.83 km, 31.61 km and other wall ditch. In addition, I also found in the province after 10, Beacon Tower 116 seat, 4 seat, 46 seat closed the fort and the remains of 5. As part of China’s the Great Wall, after more than 400 years of vicissitudes, the territory of the Ming the Great Wall has been dilapidated. From the beginning of 2010, the provincial cultural relics protection administration started on the territory of Qinghai Province, Datong middle section, section and section of the the Great Wall mutual Menyuan wall, the main palace, Beacon Tower and towers, anchoring and grouting has serious erosion area fill reinforcing Adobe masonry. According to reports, the territory of in the province of Guide, Ledu and other ancillary facilities and emergency rescue has also received approval, will be launched in the near future.
it is reported that is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO’s the Great Wall, has suffered various man-made damage and natural erosion, Chinese cultural relics department started 10 years of "the Great Wall protection project (2005-2014)", the scientific arrangement of the Great Wall protection maintenance and reasonable use, to curb on the Great Wall fundamentally undermine.

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