The project to build a strong ecological security barrier seven

Xining implementation of the implementation of the plan to promote the implementation of the first national ecological civilization in Qinghai, the city government will be considered by the Executive Committee, has now begun to fully implement. In three years, six years of strong foundation and promoting the improvement, eight years off the target, I will fully implement the seven ecological engineering, and strive to create a Xining ecological space, living space, concentrated green mountains and rivers livable economic development and population, resources and the environment situation, build stable and efficient "Xining ecological security pattern, promote the city’s three advance of ecological civilization. It is reported that the construction of ecological security barrier in the future, I will focus on the completion of the protection of the ecological environment of Qilian mountain area and comprehensive management, comprehensive management of farmland, ecological environment of the loess plateau forest and natural forest resources protection project two, three North Shelterbelt Construction Period, five national key forest protection and greening seven three north-south mountain engineering. Including the protection of Datong and Heiquan reservoir ecological security, start Huangyuan, Huangzhong 2 ecological environment of the Loess Plateau comprehensive control project demonstration county construction, the city’s new forest forest area of 83 thousand acres, 2 million 580 thousand acres of Xining natural forest resources get effective protection, through the implementation of the three phase of the project construction of the north and south mountain forest coverage the rate of increase of 2 percentage points, the construction of the North South Green Mountain Road 198 km. Around the implementation of seven ecological engineering, the city will also accelerate the construction of green rise, the circular economy as the leading green industrial system; strengthen the comprehensive management of the environment, the implementation of Huangshui River Basin water environment, solve the wastewater pollution problems, create ecological Xining, accelerate the construction of ecological city. At the same time, the full implementation of the "beautiful town" and "beautiful countryside" construction, focusing on the completion of city energy conservation, ecological environment, city traffic, tourism scenic area comprehensive environmental remediation projects, build Xining beautiful family circle, sharing happy life.  

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