Xining City Bureau of transportation improve the quality of training to implement the training respo

in order to further implement the "People’s Republic of China road transport regulations", "motor vehicle driver training management regulations" to prevent the occurrence of accidents in the training activities, so that the training industry to the regular track. Xining City Department of transportation requires the city road transport management department to strengthen the driving training industry safety education, the training unit to make a commitment to driving safety, and fulfill their commitments, improve and implement the safety management system. Xining road transport management department for the city’s driver training institutions signed a "Xining driver training institutions safety training undertaking". In order to improve the quality of personnel, to find and solve problems timely, to eliminate accidents in the bud for the purpose of coach car timely maintenance, a rating of each year, and improve the vehicle technical archives, teaching the vehicle so that the person responsible, equipped with the necessary safety protection measures and fire facilities, equipment and first-aid medicine etc..

driving the daily supervision of training institutions will be carried out by the transportation management department, take the form of regular or irregular inspection of enterprises, and strive to eliminate potential safety problems, the training work carried out by signing this form of security commitment promotes the management of industry norms.


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