The province built 717 village science and Technology nformation Service Station

recently, the east sea cooperation of science and technology information service fifty County Zhenba Hung village station was built and put into use. Science and technology information service station built so that the villagers of the village people to enjoy the rural science and technology information technology initiative to push the convenience of service.

2013, the provincial science and technology department in the military and political enterprises build a model village construction activities as an opportunity to give full play to the support of science and technology, leading and exemplary role, and actively promote the construction of new socialist countryside in our province, comprehensive services in agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural and pastoral areas, farmers and herdsmen. In the party’s mass line of educational practice, the fifty Hong Cun, Zhenba County mutual information service network is poor, unable to obtain timely information on production and life science, information science, technology and technical personnel to build science and technology information service in bahong village station, to provide scientific and technical information service quality and convenient for bahong village. Science and technology information service system can help bahong villagers timely access to production technology, pest control, agricultural supplies, crop sales, workers, rural health insurance and other types of information, to help farmers increase their income and effective guidance to carry out the comprehensive management of social management, promote the sustainable development of local economic and social sciences.

in recent years, the provincial science and Technology Department to actively promote the rural science and technology information service station infrastructure construction in the county comprehensive information service hall and village information service, has been formed with the county village science and Technology Information Service Department (station) based expert contact services and 12396 service hotline, spark short information publishing platform, video service system TV, information system and machine technology correspondent push system, "in the Department of agricultural letter" mobile phone customization system, distributed information service mode to tabloid farmers farmers, planting large agricultural enterprises, associations, service of "five in one" model of science and technology information services, has achieved certain effectiveness. At present, the province has established a comprehensive information service hall 27 County, village level information service station 717, more than 15000 farmers and herdsmen training information, covering the province’s agricultural county. Agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology information services in the service of agriculture, agriculture and rural areas began to show results.


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