Strict supervision and performance supervision duties

March 31st, the municipal education practice supervision work conference, the municipal Party committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Su Rong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Provincial first steering group leaders attended the meeting.

Su Rong pointed out that at present there are still some deficiencies in the educational practice, as some leading cadres to cope with the negative, guidance and participation consciousness is not high; some units with practical activities is not enough, the lack of guidance scheme and operation; some units and seek advice on learning education re form, light some leadership effectiveness; and cadres do not take the initiative to put yourself into it, find the problem not focusing; individual units do not pay enough attention, "a" not very good play.

Su Rong to further improve educational practice supervision requirements by the steering group to establish communication mechanisms and supervision units in charge, for possible problems, timely reminders, to solve the ventilation, poor work of individual units, revealing problems evasive, should be promptly corrected, pointed out. To implement strict supervision, to lay a solid foundation for the study of education to do a solid, do; focus on the four winds, to do a solid, revealing problems in place, leading cadres play an exemplary role; to solve the problems of the implementation of the rectification, do a solid, do, urging all localities and units to implement good learning while improving, the investigation and reform requirements, improve and perfect the system, strengthen the enforcement of the system, to prevent the four winds problem recurrence; strict requirements, the supervisors do solid work done, adhere to standards, strict control, to achieve five ". To implement the overall planning, pay attention to work and activities, the provisions of the action and three freestyle, and part-time job, the "1346" practice carrier throughout the entire process, to ensure that the provisions of the action without aliasing, freestyle results, urging "six special action" to implement, correctly handle the relationship between the unit of work and supervision, responsible for the overall grasp of the areas and units of supervision.


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