The blue sky quiet clean Xining model sprint explosive foot

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recently held in Xining city to create a national environmental protection model city news briefing, since last year the "year" sprint, Xining city around the social economy, environmental quality, environmental construction, environmental management of four major categories of 26 indicators to the crucial, a number of key projects continue to promote the "year" and have been built. 21 standard indicators to be further consolidated and improved, 5 indicators have been basically reached sprint, sprint year showed strong explosive force "".

to accelerate the construction of environmental engineering sky and water, quiet and clean "as the focus, solve the problem of city environment prominent focus on Xining City, the" year "work earnestly. Responsible for 70% of the province’s emission reduction task, lack of stamina, lack of Engineering emission reduction in 2012 the situation, to strongly promote the conservation work, Xining city focus on emission reduction enterprises implementing Yijiangdaibu incentive policies, first built desulphurization facilities in iron and steel enterprises, the first to start the cement enterprises denitration demonstration project. The implementation of emission reduction project plan in 30, reduction of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides accounted for 120%, 101%, target 148% and 100%, the total discharge of major pollutants in the province issued a total control within the control range.

for the effective prevention and response to sudden environmental pollution incidents, Xining city took the lead in the western city of the four level grid monitoring system, carried out illegal sewage remediation company, to protect the health of the masses, livestock breeding, entrance guard test, spring irrigation safety, coal-burning pollution, drinking water safety regulation, environmental safety inspection of the day such as environmental protection special action in 11 " heavy " enterprises, 18 hazardous waste generating units, 3 hazardous waste disposal units and 36 chemical, smelting, pharmaceutical and other enterprises to carry out " heavy " " and " hazardous waste; enterprise risk source risk investigation and remediation. Comprehensive assessment of environmental comprehensive assessment of the total score of 90.69 points, after the audit, Xining ranked first in the province.

this year, the focus of Xining city in the promotion of the implementation of aluminum alloy industry, low voltage reactive power compensation, motor frequency transformation, continue to promote the transformation of industrial boiler, energy system optimization, circular economy and cleaner production of key energy-saving projects. Increase the use of energy monitoring, standardize the behavior of enterprises to promote the rational use of energy. Vigorously promote water-saving demonstration projects, the formation of a low carbon economy in the whole society, a good green lifestyle. (author: Xiao Liu)

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