Jewelry store to seize the woman’s mind can be prosperous business

now with the continuous improvement of women’s consumption capacity, the jewelry industry every year with a rapid pace of development. Take a look at the street clothing store, beauty salon etc. most of them are for a superb collection of beautiful things, for the woman. A few million yuan to open a jewelry store, huadianxinsi think nowadays women what is the most popular decorative elements, seize the woman at the woman’s purse, this business can be booming.

mentioned investment shop, Ms. Wang said that in addition to pay attention to women what is the most popular, is also the key to choose the shop. Must be a woman often go to the place, if the woman shopping time convenient place to do.

accessories are gadgets, cheap price, small profits belong to the goods. So invest in jewelry stores do not need too much cost. It is understood that, according to a 20 square meters of store computing, including shop rent, renovation and purchase, an estimated $fifty thousand or sixty thousand into the market.

"I shop before this investment is very cheap, 20 thousand yuan, not now, now rent expensive, to purchase is not the original so cheap. But now I need to ask for help, also is the cost, if the investment, should not, a shop area is not large, they are fully capable as recommended

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