Online education just open a shop selling red teachers earn 12 thousand a month

online education can be said to be a major reform of the education industry, the children do not have to find a job in a thick book, online education is more convenient, suitable for the development of the era of big data. Many people also make a big profit.

26 year old Lai, is a graduate of Wuhan Conservatory of Music piano major, had worked as a music training institutions gifted piano teacher. At the beginning of last month, on the recommendation of a friend, she with an online education platform, opened a shop, specializing in teaching piano, art courses and adult piano. She never thought it was only 1 months, there are 10 students set up classes through the network, her class pay up to $12 thousand.

"as online clothing store, online shop selling is the teacher, their teaching content." Lai Shiying said that online education platform, teachers and students two-way choice, the venue can be taught their own studio, students at home, you can also be online, the time can also be agreed with their students.

bypassing the intermediate links

Wuhan an online education website for Liao Daize said that online education have no place to restrict, reduce investment, site management personnel.

do not want to purchase online coursesThe teacher can not refund

High school student Xu Jing

68 has been with Shiying Lai piano. Before the weekend to 9 pm to the Xiaodongmen class, have to get up at 7.

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