How close are you to breast cancer 8 women are most likely to develop breast cancer ‘s he

2, repeated abortion surgery

3, late marriage and childbearing women is likely to develop breast cancer

the incidence of breast cancer is lower in women under 55 years of age. Menopausal age greater than 55 years of age than the age of less than 45 years of age, the risk increased by about 1 times.

lifestyle, dietary habits and environmental factors, are likely to provide a hotbed of breast cancer. How far are you from breast cancer?

this is because every time pregnant women after abortion, pregnancy is suddenly interrupted, hormone levels plummet, the newly developed breast suddenly stop growing, the smaller acini and even disappear, breast reconstruction. And this recovery is usually incomplete, easy to cause breast lumps and pain, can induce breast disease, repeated breast lesions can become the cause of breast cancer.

late menarche

women can maintain the patency of breast after delivery, and prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. Studies have shown that proper breastfeeding is not only beneficial to the healthy growth of babies, but also reduces the risk of breast cancer in young mothers by 20% to 30%, but also reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.

information shows that women who have never given birth risk of breast cancer than women who already have children 30%; pregnancy primipara over the age of 35, the relative risk of breast cancer is 3-4 times under the age of 30 pregnancy primipara; breast-feeding women suffering from breast cancer risk than the lactating women and women 1.5 times.

breast feeding can promote uterine contraction, effective consumption of accumulated fat during pregnancy, promote body recovery, to avoid postpartum obesity.

repeated abortion will increase the likelihood of breast cancer in women. A study shows that natural abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer, and 18 year old women who had abortions were higher than those who did not have an abortion.

1, under 13 years of age or menopause

4, non lactating

therefore, modern women should improve their self health care consciousness, advocate late marriage and childbearing, but also should not be too late, women get married before the age of 28. To promote breastfeeding, reasonable diet and strengthen physical exercise and other scientific life style, pay attention to keep the mind open, avoid depression, anger, maintain good physical and mental health. These are essential to reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

5, commonly used hormones

women early menarche (12 years old to menstruation), late menopause (50 years after menopause), long period (more than 35 years), is a recognized risk factors. Statistics show that the age of menarche in advance every 4-5 years, the risk of breast cancer increased 1 times; the age of menarche in the 13-15 years old, suffering from breast cancer opportunities than those below 12 years old 20%.

risk of breast cancer is higher in women who are older than 30 years of age, or those who do not have breast cancer.

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