What is the support of the matador barbecue

a lot of food and beverage investors feel that the catering industry barbecue project is good, which is a very good barbecue barbecue franchise brand. So many franchisees want to further understand the brand, the following small series to introduce the brand. Matador barbecue is a Shenyang strength barbecue restaurant chain Brand Company. Founded in 2006 in Heping District of Shenyang West tower. With many years of strength accumulation and advanced management experience, in Shenyang Heping District, Tiexi District, has invested in the operation and management of ten matador barbecue shop.

What is the support of

matador barbecue join

matador barbecue with a unique formula and unique sticky juice, won the overwhelming majority of customer recognition, home teaching package package. Shenyang bull chain has developed more than 15 stores, each store business is hot. Fleshy materials exquisite, fine Korean food, you are always welcome to visit a home and confirmation. Matador barbecue not only eat up special lubrication, but also full of chewing. In addition, the barbecue business is hot, in a continuous line source. Deeply attracted the presence of numerous consumers. So what is the matador barbecue join the support, the following to introduce you.

matador barbecue join support introduction:

1, promotional activities support: during the holidays, the company will carry out various types of promotional activities, with agents at all levels in the local sales.

2, regional protection support: Bull barbecue franchise headquarters will be strictly controlled and severely punished the inter provincial and inter regional conflict behavior, indeed protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and agents.

3, strong advertising support: in line with the product marketing, the company will be in the national or regional media to carry out appropriate advertising.

4, terminal image building support: Acting matador barbecue, in order to establish a unified image of the terminal, to create a good sales environment, the company will help agents around the terminal development and image building.

Support the marketing management and mature technology of

5: regional manager of the company will provide professional training and have real experience of work of various agents to help sell products. Provide technical training for service personnel.

above is to join the brand can get the support, I believe that we are very clear about this issue, this is a very good to join the project, welcome to join


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