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female breast care has been very concerned about. The day before, the United States "health" magazine invited many breast health experts, gives specific suggestions, to help more women keep breast health and fitness.

at the age of 35 years old, between the age of 40, women should do a comprehensive breast X-ray examination, every month to do a self-examination, early detection of disease.

40 years old

30 years old

most of the 30 year old female breast shape is still good, and flexible. But if you have or are about to have a baby, pay attention to the changes in the chest. During pregnancy, breast will gradually become larger, postpartum or after breast-feeding, breast may droop, the cup will be reduced. This is known as "breast aging", mainly because the breast does not produce milk, some organizations began to shrink caused by.

entered the age of 40, the proportion of fat in the breast began to rise, the increasingly sagging and relaxation became an inevitable process. At this time, women need to focus on breast cyst. Fortunately, most of these were harmless, will not increase the risk of breast cancer.

body shape, to buy a suitable size of underwear. Patterns and colors can be more complex, which can not only reflect your maturity, understanding, but also enhance self-confidence.


stood straight, is a good way for women of this age to build milk. As the age increases, the woman’s back muscles become more relaxed, walking or standing, habitual forward tilt. Many people joked that the chest is fast down to the navel". At this time to strengthen the upper back muscle exercise, there will be a beautiful chest and shoulder curve. The most simple method, is the chest, looked up, stand up straight. In addition, do some chest exercise is also conducive to breast health.

when you enter the age of 50 years will be in your forehead, corners of the mouth, the back of the hand, or even leave a mark on the breast. The chest is becoming more relaxed, and the rest of the breast is almost completely replaced by fat, and the fibers and the fibers are just like the stretched rubber bands. Women need to worry about breast cancer. Research shows that more than 50 years of age, one in every 38 people with breast cancer. Weight is proportional to breast cancer, so women should always measure their waist circumference, preferably less than half the height.

choice of underwear, may wish to pick out some of the waist belt. It can effectively support the chest, modified waist, to give people a sense of "bind". Perhaps the husband would be amazed at this: the attractive "little waist" is back.

50 years old

No matter how

in order to keep the S shape longer, women may wear sports underwear, to avoid sagging breasts. The latest research shows that the use of ordinary underwear, every step, the breast will move up and down 5 cm, while the use of sports underwear, the proportion of mobile will be reduced by 74%. If the above can insert some lace, is icing on the cake. White lace is a symbol of nobility and purity, which is lethal to men.

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