Furniture to join the business to choose more important than the choice of brand products

to open a furniture store, how to join agents dealers shop? How to find a brand? There are many tricks and rules. Acting furniture store, we want to choose to promote the strength of the well-known brands at the same time, in fact, sometimes choose the product seems to be more important than the choice of the brand. Why do you say, let us look at the following examples.

product selection than the brand important

a lot of dealers in the choice of manufacturers too much attention to the brand, but ignored the product itself. Of course, the brand bigger and better product quality, product line more abundant, it is beyond doubt, but not every dealers have the strength to join the big brands, and these brands of sales outlets are already very mature, you are very difficult to have the opportunity to go to join in. Therefore, some people choose to step back, think of the familiar brand, or heard of the "famous brand in industry". This is actually a misunderstanding, those who you think is a brand of the brand, to buy furniture consumers actually never heard of! In fact do not understand the industry, consumers, the difference between the first-line high-end brands and two or three line of mid-range brand, far from your imagination.

this time, choose the product is more important. Some of you have not seen the brand, may be due to the creation of a relatively short time, you may only pay attention to the regional market, and even before the focus may be placed on the top of the foreign trade or electricity supplier, but its products are not necessarily bad. Dealers should improve their vision and judgment, to focus on the product itself, such as fabric, design, sense of sitting, style and factory strength, etc.. Combined with their own market consumption capacity, the other stores in the store where the product layout to make rational and safe choice.

In fact, some of the so-called

brand is not necessarily good to sell, and those you have never heard of the brand is often due to product design excellent, lucrative, may give you a greater profit space.

select businesses, but also to pay attention to each other’s product support is how. Now a lot of stores placed 8, 9 sets of sofa, in fact, is to rely on a special section and the price of the middle of the 1, the middle of the product in the sale of other models on the basic selling not move. If you always rely on the special section to maintain sales, how much money can be imagined, can barely maintain the store rent and personnel expenses have been good.

in addition, supporting the product mix is also very important. Do not complain that many dealers do software suite furniture good benefits, consumers came to the store to look and see, may be the most bought a sofa, but if I do say a whole suite of furniture, consumers have to buy the restaurant, bedroom and living room, doing customer price is much higher. The current flow in the flow of cold stores, constant, billing content is certain, of course, the price is good, and the software are generally placed on the first floor is recommended

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