Sichuan as high as 13 million 250 thousand yuan of lottery Super Lotto unclaimed

life, a lot of people in the leisure time will buy a few note lottery, try luck. A lot of lottery friends, after the test does not, then buy, did not hold much hope of buying, maybe he forgot! Let’s understand, Sichuan as high as 13 million 250 thousand yuan of lottery Super Lotto unclaimed.

must then pass the drop from the clouds, what it is? Before April 11th this year in Chengdu, Jianshe Road No. 2 Ito Yokado in lottery sales bought the lottery lottery is certainly the most clear.

as of June 12th 24 when the bell sounded, the Sichuan Provincial Sports Lottery Center Duijiang hall, the staff announced in the notary witness, for more than 60 calendar days from the date of the lottery is still not appeared to accept the award, lottery Super Lotto 16041st up to 13 million 250 thousand yuan to become the main Qijiang announced, at present in the lottery the maximum amount of Sichuan province is also the national lottery Qijiang, ranked second in the amount of qijiang.

in April 11th this year, lottery Super Lotto lottery, the Sichuan lottery POM, two lottery win the prize, but also additional bets, each prize 13 million 250 thousand. In addition to 20% of the windfall income tax, get the hands are 10 million 600 thousand.

buy lottery tickets, winning, was originally a very happy thing. But because of his own negligence, causing the money take wings to itself! Xiaobian remind the majority of lottery friends, in the purchase of lottery lottery, take good care of properly, and timely query winning information, not every possibility of winning!

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