Taiyuan tourism promotion group came to Guangzhou to carry out large scale promotional activities

is a kind of green tourism industry in the modern society, which is a very promising industry in Chaoyang, and in many places a lot of the city are vigorously developing tourism industry, recently, Taiyuan city tourism promotion group came to Guangzhou.

into the Pearl River Delta, docking market. Yesterday, Tang Jin Yun · cool Taiyuan tourism promotion will be moved to Guangzhou, Taiyuan City Tourism Bureau and the Schroder laocufang, Jinci, Coal Museum, provincial tourism center, Shanxi red horse CITS, Shanxi modern CITS display of my city abundant tourism resources and tourist routes to the city of Guangzhou, hundreds of travel agency. To the Yangcheng people issued a sincere invitation to the cool Taiyuan tour ".

according to the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, with the two exchanges, Taiyuan tourism resource attraction for tourists in Guangzhou increased, last year a total of 25 thousand and 800 tourists visit Taiyuan, an increase of 12.21%. The hospitality of the people of Taiyuan issued a sincere invitation to the Guangzhou people and friends from all walks of life, hope to Taiyuan summer heat, "cool" Taiyuan welcomes you.


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