Why honest people are more suitable for sales

speaking of sales, many people may think of those laughing, on various occasions to talk about people. Indeed, in our traditional concept, if you want to do sales, too honest seemingly not. However, in fact, many of our actual sales occasions, honest people are more suitable for sales, why?

a friend told me that his son graduated this year to find a sales job, he asked me if I could help recommend, but he was worried that his son is too honest, not suitable for dry sales, consulting me.

I told him about my two cousins. I have two cousins, I was brought out in the same company to do sales work, one of them seems to be a lot of wisdom, but also the object I had to cultivate. But over the past six years, the smart cousin changed for less than 6 companies, is still looking for work. But the hall looks honest cousin has been staying in the company, although the position has not changed, but the salary is increasing every year, the most gratifying is his own car and mortgage.

based on the facts of the case and analysis, I told my friends, not honest people do not fit to do sales work, on the contrary, I think honest people do sales work more advantages, more development, for four reasons:

first, honest people are more likely to believe that

a lot of people who have sales experience, said the sales is to sell themselves, and then sell products or services. To put their sell out to someone for the first time to believe you, if you hate the first sight, you are seeing a crafty, cunning, I believe that is difficult to get the trust of customers. Of course, if you say: "I am not a good person looks, but I still have a lot of difference between the heart and appearance," said the estimate that the other party will be changed for you.

many people think that sales must talk rapidly, actually on the contrary, off the reel, do not have to sell, qiaosheruhuang, skilled in debate but to blandishments, can understand the needs of others is the first key, you can sell second items as well as OK.

we all like to deal with honest people, the reason is that we do not want to be deceived by others, but do not want to be on the other side, with honest people to deal with at least a little wary of the heart. I was a salesman surnamed graft is a good case, he no matter to the company, he has five or six dealers always follow him, whether he recommended what brand, what do these products dealers will be happy to accept. Later, I understand the dealers know the original, these dealers have said the clerk by common consent is an honest man.

second, honest man

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