White collar business needs to pay attention to what matters

has a lot of people are white-collar ridicule this occupation, that is "white-collar wage white-collar", many white-collar workers unwilling to live a life without money, have a business plan. However, there may be some problems in the process of white-collar business, the following small series to share what you need to pay attention to entrepreneurship.

white-collar while working and entrepreneurship is the first step, a bold attempt to what they want to do is "both", once the success is the best of both worlds: to get the benefits of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial risk brought by the advantages of effectively combining both work and entrepreneurship, truly can offensive guard. Once lost, they lost is not caused the failure of economic losses, more likely to face the imminent loss of a once stable work threat, and former top gun and confidence.

A: as ready to do full-time business dedicated to planning your part-time business.

The two day:

the former and the latter radical, entrepreneurial way itself is not what is right or wrong. The main problem is that white-collar workers can not start their own business, in order to get rid of the current predicament and into another dilemma.

Before the start of

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