Open the cold noodle shop to make money now

one summer, cold noodle shop business is improved a lot. Whether stores or street stalls, doing business is very secure cold noodle. Then open the cold noodle shop to make money? To make money is sure to choose a good lot, do a good job of the product, a steady stream of customers, attracting numerous business concerns.

Compared with other

cold noodle can earn?


How many

cold noodle shop

1, cold noodle shop, good quality and low price products in the store are considerably, consumers see an appetite, feel the cold noodle delicious and cheap.

2, how to store cold noodle business is good / sell cold noodle in January can earn? Cold noodle store not only sell cold noodle, price 5 yuan -10 yuan a bowl, directly attract consumers from the price, hold the price sensitive consumer psychology.

3, delicious and healthy to eat cold noodle, cold hot eat can eat takeaway Dabao can! So consumers have flocked into the cold noodle shop.

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