How is Beijing female bust proud to have a perfect chest health network

to eat generally elegant women in Guangzhou, was more concerned about including numerical lower body shaped hip, thigh, found in the survey, numerical higher Guangzhou women are not satisfied with the thigh, but in the waist, the four big city is among the most fine, but from the measurements of the proportion of women in Guangzhou the overall performance is also quite symmetrical, and Taipei women are curvy figure.

numerical measurements of women presented by Taipei is pretty well proportioned, but most are not satisfied with the degree of body are higher than the other city, in breast shape, they do not pursue the size, but worry not strong, ptosis, external expansion, with milk and so on; the waist more worrying prematurely become "belly woman"; the hip is longing for the West Qiao quite rounded curves, worry about sagging, soft, and even cellulite skin conditions such as level.

Guangzhou: a small waist swing, lordosis after Alice


Beijing: Bust Mengjin, confident proud

thirteen years ago, Japanese media have to eight Asian city (Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei, Hongkong, Jakarta, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore) female body survey, published "Asian women status" report, when the Beijing female bust is only 79.4 centimeters, and this year the latest survey has been as high as 85.44 centimeters, and the women of Taipei 85.5 cm (13 years ago, not much difference between 84.2 cm). However, in the survey, Beijing women showed the most confident attitude to the most satisfied with their body parts in the inquiry, up to 13% of the ratio of respondents said "not satisfied", which shares the sense of confidence is obviously beyond other city women. Even Beijing women’s waist circumference is the top four cities, but their satisfaction with their waistline is also higher than that of other women in the city of 36%.

Taipei: proportioned, never satisfied with

four City beauty measurements PK Beijing female bust proud

female bust is bigger, more and more breast shape quite steep, numerical bust bigger, for many reasons is that obesity causes "back too thick", of course, will directly affect the appearance of breast shape. The average size of Shanghai female bust in the four largest city, although the lowest, but the numerical difference of 11.5 cm under the bust ahead of other city, this value also shows that Shanghai female breast is closest to the rounded perfect breast shape is steep, followed by Taipei women’s 11 cm, Guangzhou 10.88 and Beijing 10.16 cm.

Shanghai: chest shaped steep, near perfect

The numerical gap with the under bust

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei female body what is the difference? What is the difference between psychological reactions to their digital measurements? According to the latest survey report shows that women in a lingerie company, four regional average figure in Beijing and the Taipei women’s breast shape most proud, Guangzhou women’s average waistline of the fine, Shanghai female bust although the lowest, but the steep breast shape. More satisfied with their own body, more confident, Beijing women said crown.

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