Careful management to allow the store to get a higher honor

if a store has received praise, fame loud, business basically do not have to worry about, I believe can get good development. So, if you want to successfully run a shop, naturally need to fight for the honor of the store, so that the store will be more long-term development.

I am a completely unable to take care of the rural retail, had become a burden to his family because don’t want to waste time to mediocrity, regardless of family and friends of the opposition, raising hundreds of yuan of money, opened a small retail shop at home, a few thousand village, already has several shops and the competition is fierce, body is not good, lack of funds, lack of experience I can gain a foothold in the fierce competition, and do better, this is me with careful and sincere to win credibility, attract repeat results.

When the store began to

, I will make the rules, do not operate a counterfeit products, do genuine goods at a fair price at the same time, fair trade, but also to others for their careful and sincere to win back the head off, make their own shop in the fierce competition foothold!

there is a saying that good, set a recruiting flag, there is no hungry men, opened the sale.

I remember very clearly, that is a few days of the opening morning, I sat in the high chair special business, the neighbors of a five year old child with a hundred dollar bill, jumping into the store, I put the money on the counter, pointing to the shelf the food and candy and toys……

every day to the store to buy snacks for children is really a lot, but it is a small coin, so small children, take so much money to the store to ask for something, or for the first time, parents have no time, no change at hand, or their children at home secretly take out? I can give them some goods, he wants to change it, but considering the small child, once to find a good way of change, accidentally lost, but also trouble, after all, rural families are not well-off, the key is to did not know the child’s money come from? If it is stolen from the home, parents know, uncertain how anxious?

consider this, I give the child took some food and candy, tell the child, he didn’t have enough money to buy my toy store, and then wrote a note to the child, clearly written above the children how much money to the store, I give the child what goods are, how much money, afraid of children get lost and I kept in here, hope that parents to the store to get extra money back.

written, I told the children, as long as the note to his parents, then shop I will reward him a lollipop.

the child heard that he took the note home to the father

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