Chongqing women’s balcony fall death shangxue baluster bottom corrosion

in the cold period, many did not often snow area Chinese also ushered in the snow, people watch in. But also to Caution! Shangxue, recently a woman in Chongqing because of the balcony fall death shangxue.

23, Chongqing, a 50 year old middle-aged woman leaning against the fence shangxue in their own balcony, suddenly broken railings, the railings and women together from 24 crashes after the unfortunate death of the matter, triggering hot. 24, said the Jiulongpo District of Chongqing City Public Security Bureau, railing severe corrosion unbearable pressure on women’s body after the fracture is the main reason for dropping dead, the woman is really accidental death.

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