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and delayed menopause had more chance of developing breast cancer due to the long duration of estrogen receptor in breast tissue. Generally refers to the menstrual cramps and menopause before the age of 12, more than 55 year old female.

although not all breast diseases will develop into breast cancer, but compared to those who do not have breast disease, the prevalence of breast disease is much higher. So women as long as the discovery of breast disease, to timely treatment, so as not to aggravate the condition.

progesterone can protect the breast from breast cancer, and women who are not pregnant are more likely to develop breast cancer than those who are pregnant.

breast cancer is one of the causes of endocrine disorders, and fat to promote estrogen, too much estrogen will affect the level of hormones in the body. Results showed that women with   BMI  greater than or equal to   24kg/m2  people with breast cancer risk compared to   BMI  less than   24kg/m2  people increased by   4 . So at any time to monitor their weight, must not be too fat.

Women with early onset of

breast cancer ranks first in female malignant tumors

1 family with breast cancer.

3 obese women.

2 people with breast disease.

breast cancer occurs more frequently in women, and women around the age of 50 have the highest incidence of breast cancer. So at this age of female friends must be timely screening, in order to detect disease.

according to the National Cancer Center and the Ministry of health for Disease Control and prevention of breast cancer in 2009 data released in 2012 showed that the Bureau of National Cancer Registry of breast cancer incidence rates among the malignant tumors in female first, female breast cancer incidence rate (crude) total 42.55/10 million.

risk factors for breast cancer

5 nulliparous female

breast cancer is a malignant tumor of the breast, the incidence rate in women is 99%, significantly higher than that of men. In recent years there has been a study of breast cancer is genetic. The results showed that breast cancer is hereditary, but in all breast cancer patients, with hereditary breast cancer is only 5%, so women who have family history of breast cancer do not have to worry too much, it will only increase the risk of breast cancer, and not necessarily a breast cancer.

Huang Jian, vice president pointed out that there is a direct family suffering from breast cancer, the woman with no family history of breast cancer compared to women, the risk is 1.8 times higher. When the relatives of the cancer increased to two, the risk increased to 3 times. The risk increases for every person.

4 early menstruation or leave early women.

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