Yunnan Juewei lukewarm good noodle choice

How delicious the lukewarm

noodle? Is a very distinctive delicacy in Yunnan, to better entrepreneurial franchisees, entrepreneurs choose to join the project is undoubtedly lukewarm line, very wise choice, rich good opportunities!

is a unique method of eating noodle lukewarm state of Dali Yangbi area. The specific approach is this: first to boiled a pot of soup, the soup also has a name called saozi soup, pig or cattle with big bones and dry bean rice cooked slowly boil, take a few hours time, it is important Tangyou. In addition, to make a hat, with pork sauce to cut small pieces after the first fried cooked beef stew, you need to clear the chicken with chicken stew, made with the traditional process of cold chicken block. In addition, with walnut sauce (made from walnut Yangbi seasoning, fragrance), with leek, pickles, chili oil, pepper oil and flavor products.


lukewarm noodle?


eat, according to customer preferences in the noodle with pork, beef or chicken cool hat, add sauce, pour saozi soup, a bowl of warm noodle is done.

delicious, tender and refreshing. Lukewarm noodle? It is the best choice for chowhound, delicious. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, but also very high quality project selection!

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